Tuesday, November 29, 2016

QuQu Media And Other Updates

My partner in crime, QuQu, wanted a site where he could post his thoughts and opinions right away, rather than after an hour recording audio and several hours more editing video. So, QuQu Media was born. But you're probably wondering what this means for my personal blog, the AltFurry Den.

My plan is to use this blog for updates on my fiction writing, while QuQu Media will be home for my editorial writing. I also plan on posting some short fiction pieces on the site once those are ready. I actually do have a twelve thousand word novelette that I wrote a few months back, which I hope to finish editing sometime next month.

As for the novel I've been writing, I've gotten about two thirds of the way through the first draft as of this time. Though this was before I took a break to work on the next QuQu video. If all goes well, we hope to record this weekend, and if by some miracle I manage to edit the video in one day, it'll be out on Monday morning. Then I'll return to writing the book, which I hope to finish drafting by the end of the year.

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